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Workers' Compensation Attorney in Miami, FL

The law firm of Cesar A. Armstrong & Associates was established on January 1, 1990 to fulfill its ongoing mission to provide high quality legal services to its clients primarily in the field of workers' compensation. The present mission is to provide those high quality services in all of the law firm's efforts to secure workers' compensation benefits and other benefits for injured employees in relation to on-the job accidents. The law firm's earnest goal to keep the injured employee fully informed about the case from its inception to its conclusion.

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I served as a Judge of Compensation Claims from 1973-2013 in the Miami-Dade County District. For twenty years I served as the Chief Judge. Since 2013 I have mediated primarily complex workers' compensation cases. During the many years that Cesar A. Armstrong practiced before me in both the Courtroom and mediations I found him to be an excellent litigator who represented his clients skillfully, ethically and passionately.


-Alan M. Kuker, Retired Judge of Compensation Claims

Mr. Armstrong represented me in a claim for hearing loss from my work as a police officer. His firm did outstanding work for me. I feel he explained all my rights and options really well, and that he gave me a good grasp on everything. I would recommend him highly for the handling of worker's compensation matters.


-Phillip F., Retired Police Officer

Mr. Armstrong represented me in claims for medical care and permanent total disability. He was able to get me all the medical care I needed, and got me an award of lifetime permanent total disability payments. In addition, because he overcame the employer’s denial of my benefits, Mr. Armstrong was also able to make the employer pay for all the attorney’s fees, so I did not have to pay any attorneys fees at all in my case. Mr. Armstrong explained everything really well, and did excellent work for me.


- Alex S., Retired Police Officer

I came to see Mr. Armstrong, after my Employer, a Hospital, denied my worker's compensation benefits and stated that my shoulder injuries were not work-related. Mr. Armstrong got the Employer to change its position and to give me medical treatment and surgeries for my shoulders. He also got them to pay my lost wages and to pay my permanent total disability. In addition, he got me a lump sum settlement of my future worker's compensation benefits. Aside from worker's compensation benefits, he helped me to get my in-line- of duty disability retirement. I feel that Mr. Armstrong and his staff fought hard for me, and that they kept me well informed throughout the proceedings. Mr. Armstrong explained all my options thoroughly. I am very pleased with the Mr. Armstrong's law firm, and I recommend them highly.

-Sandra L., Dietary Assistant for Hospital

I worked for a company that did cleaning services for a hotel  and sustained a relatively minor on the job injury to my hand that required emergency hospital care and some follow-up.  The insurance company did not pay the hospital bill, and did not pay for follow-up care or compensation. Mr. Armstrong was able to get  the insurance company to pay the hospital bill and the follow-up visit. Mr. Armstrong explained very well to me all details and all of my options.  He also secured for me an overall settlement.  I believe Mr. Armstrong did an excellent job for me , and I would recommend him to others.

-Mario B., Housekeeping Service Staff

I had two accidents while working a technician repairing airplane parts. The insurance company denied my worker's compensation benefits and I went to see Mr. Armstrong. He filed claims and got me paid past benefits and a settlement of my future claims. Mr. Armstrong, and his staff, were very helpful, keeping me informed at all times. He explained everything very well and took time to help me understand all my options. I feel that Mr. Armstrong did a very good job for me, and I would recommend him highly. 



-Jorge C. S., Airplane Equipment Repair Technician

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